Franca Merrys Chunch

Franca and Jeff were hoping to have a autumn wedding with crisp days and colourful leaves, little did we know that it would be one of the hottest days of the year. They were honestly a great couple and so easy going with a demanding photographer dragging them from one location to another in the exhausting heat (it was close to 40C with the humility, much like the destination wedding Jeff wanted...). For anyone who doesn't know Franca is a local veterinary with a brand new facility on Black rd. - anyone with a furry friend should really check them out. When Jeff requested a few pics there - I'd readily agreed thinking that why wouldn't any photographer want a challenge like that to photograph a wedding party at a vet clinic. Good nature Franca even offered to demonstrate her surgical abilities using Jeff as her patient - good thing Jeff didn't need fixing (he's the prefect fit for Franca)...
I can't say that I've had that much fun at a wedding in quite some time - the both of you along with your awesome families & wedding party made your special day really special!
All the best to the three of you (Franca, Jeff & of course Rosie too)

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